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Kezia Hoffman lives in Winchester and runs the Granary Creative Arts Centre in rural Hampshire, Uk. Kezia graduated with a degree in sculpture from Winchester School of Art in 1998. She has been combining her love for traditional skills and urban arts, teaching and festival arts events since then. Whilst raising her sons, Kezia's focus has been freelance art projects. With her sons now old enough to be creative collaborators themselves Kezia is now investing her time in launching new creative projects, covering large scale sculpture, festival arts and murals. Kezia has trained in versatile creative skills, "I see myself as maker, creatively problem solving any idea that excites or inspires me. I get a lot of pleasure from stone, wood, metal, gold leaf, ink work, illustration and graffiti. I'm excited about putting new ideas and materials together with one eye on tradition and the other on exploring new possibilities. I remain fascinated in the human spirit and our self imposed limitations vs our possibilities and our relationship with the 'Wild'.

I believe each of us have innate creativity which is frequently held back. I set up the Granary Creative Arts Centre as a workshops space for local creatives and the community to access tools and have a space to get messy. Half the battle is in simply having the space and tools to make what you want to make. I'm working towards finding a space were we can set up a Land Based Artisan village which combines working, teaching, exhibiting space and rural accommodation all in one area with a focus on developing heritage skills including metal work, wood, glass, clay, stone and cloth. If we allow people to access workshop space, skills training with affordable accommodation, we will see our creative industries flourish."

Kezia Hoffman

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